Check-In and Out
Each parent must sign his/her own child in with the Child Watch staff via CORE. Required information includes:
• Picture I.D. (required at check-in & check-out)
• Child’s name
• Parent’s name
• Time enrolled
• Activity location
Parent/Guardian must stay on YMCA premises.
The parent or guardian who checks the child into
Child Watch is the ONLY authorized person to pick up
the child unless you inform the staff in writing of
alternate arrangements.

Helpful Hints for an Enjoyable Experience
Before you check your child into Child Watch, be sure your child is
prepared to enjoy their stay.
• Children fed the appropriate meal.
• Diapers should be clean.
• Children should be taken to the bathroom prior to check-in.

Child Watch is included free with family memberships. Single memberships and guests should stop by the front desk to purchase a Child Watch card. A guest pass can be purchased as well.

Lengths of Visits
Supervised care is provided for children ages 8 weeks to
9 years old. Children may attend Child Watch 2 hours per day,
8 hours per week.

Child Watch Rules

Our Child Watch has a 15-minute cry rule. Our staff is well accustomed to comforting and/or distracting distraught children, however, if after 15 minutes they are still inconsolable, the parent will be asked to return for the child.

Personal Items
Please label all diaper bags, pacifiers, bottles, and cups.

Food & Drinks
Snacks and drinks are allowed in this area.

Diapers & Toilet Training
Bring an extra change of clothes for infants and toddlers who are learning toilet training.

Sick Children
For the protection of all children, the following guidelines have been adopted in accordance with the report of the committee on control of infectious diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A child may not participate in Child Watch of any of the following exists and must be symptom-free for 24 hours.

If your child has special circumstances, allergies, etc…We will keep a doctor’s note on file detailing the non-contagious symptoms. It is also up to the staff’s discretion to decide if they feel your child may not enter Child Watch if they find any of these symptoms in your child.

• Fever within last 24 hrs • Sore throat • Pink eye
• Vomiting or diarrhea • Croup • Lice
• Any symptom of normal • Any unexplained rash
childhood disease such as • Any skin infection:
mumps or chickenpox ringworm, impetigo, boils
• Common cold from onset • Yellow/green nasal
through 1 week discharge